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Portrait & Event photography

“They are never going to be this little again.” -said a mother, watching her little boys play in the sandbox

“She’s never going to have the same look of love in her eyes.”said a father, watching his daughter look at her new husband on her wedding day.

“He’s never been so proud and excited about his new life in the big, wide, world.” said a grandfather watching his grandson at graduation.

REAL sentiments, from real people about cherished memories and stages of life.


In the age of “photography-at-your-fingertips”, it’s tempting to simply rely on our cell phones to capture wonderful moments. We aren’t saying that is useless, but there are times where extra attention is deserved.

Candid images that are artfully captured and polished is what we feel the ideal way to commemorate special moments in time.

Engagement & wedding Photography


-A vast majority of wedding photographers have a limit (usually 25) on the number of edited images they produce for your wedding day.

We don’t. Every image that is worthy to be on your living room wall will be edited. It is our pleasure to use our skills to help you remember your special day with the attention it deserves.

The typical wedding day shoot yields 75-200 edited photos… That is a large range, but it speaks to how unique each experience can and WILL be.

Our Goal- Make an impression with our images… not our presence.

The best photos happen when everyone is having a good time! We are proud to offer organized, sage advice on how to let things unfold in a natural way while enjoying a relaxed setting. You can trust that we will accomplish what you hired us to do, and leave the details to us. Our “fly-on-the-wall” approach helps achieve all of that, without distraction.

Frequently asked questions

There are no sitting fees, or outfit change fee for portrait sessions. Your time is your time, and if you’d like to spend a few minutes changing your clothing, its fine with us!  Wedding shoots do, in most cases, require a reservation deposit.

We do our best to look ahead at weather and reschedule proactively, however, if we are caught off guard and cannot shoot,we reschedule. No extra cost.

Only in the amount of the deposit, and only if we cannot book a replacement wedding in its place.

Yes. HOWEVER, never fear!  We all have children, and we understand that this may not be their idea of a good time. We are skilled at encouraging play during our outdoor shoots which is VERY photogenic!  We’ve managed to capture smiling, happy faces 1 minute post-meltdown in the freezing wind.  I’m sure we can help you, too!

We believe a quick turnaround is a good thing!  If we are able, within the same week.  If not, the maximum time a client has had to wait for their edited photo link has been 3 weeks… and in that case we delivered just under 300 edited shots!

Prior to the event, we make a plan to make sure we are at your disposal at the appropriate times.  You will not need to worry about providing much direction during the event.  In fact, we will most likely help you move things along to ensure you are getting what you need from the shoot.  For instance, it is not uncommon for our photographers to help a bride think about the next step, in regard to events (things we KNOW she would want to capture) just to keep things organized.

Yes. But there is an additional charge for travel time of $50 per hour, each way. It might seem steep for driving a car but if we have a wedding out-of-town, we actually depart much earlier than needed in the event of car trouble.  If it’s far enough away, we might also arrive the evening before.  This just helps in the event that we need to find food and lodging in preparation for the destination wedding.

Yes, and fees will vary to offset travel expense.  However, you may receive services as a discounted rate so your overall price tag isn’t too overwhelming.   Just ask…

No. We accept all major credits card and also accept payments through services like, PayPal and Venmo as well.

For weddings and events we require 25% down at time of booking the date. For small sessions like senior or family portraits you can pay at the time of shoot or before.

First, we have replacement photographers on call,  so hopefully, that would never be the case.  Second, if something beyond our, and your control happens, there would always be a full refund including deposit.

YES!  Our clients enjoy reduced or free photo shoots frequently, if they have been a consistent source of referral business for us. In fact, if you refer a client to us  and they book a larger shoot like a wedding, you get a free 30 minute mini session for your family! We are thankful!

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